My Creative Project

Since everyone posted their creative projects on here, i’ve decided to do the same.

Dear Dad,

All my life I’ve been searching for my father. I wanted to know you.
I’ve never met you before and I am a bit curious.

June 15, 2002, In Saigon Vietnam, you came crawling back into my life
You came back unwelcome, though I have to admit I was a bit please.
I thought I was finally worthy for your reappearance. I thought finally you wanted to know who your daughter really is. You took me around the city and introduced me as your daughter, but why do you have to add? She’s “Viet-Kieu” in there too? 
What am I to you?
Am I just a connection to country that you want to flea to?
Am I just someone you can brag about?
I may have your eyes, nose, and your blood flowing through my body
But what am I to you?

When we said our farewell at the airport, you didn’t ask me for my number. I gave it to you anyways
Praying for an miracle that you would call me
You didn’t say you love me
Or sorry for not being there
All you asked for was some money so you can take care of your two other children
You didn’t ask when I was coming back or if I was coming back at all
The moment the plane left the ground, I’ve decide that i will leave you behind as well
I was once curious about who you were
Why you never contacted me within those 21 years of my life
Mom said you knew our address
But I’ve never seen a single letter from you
You’ve missed out on a lot of things
My childhood, my sad stories, my happy moments
You missed out on all those father’s day greetings, when I made father’s day card but ended up giving it to my mother instead
Or When people would ask me where’s your father? And I would response I don’t have one.
You also missed out on your amazing grandson
The day he was born, and all those birthdays to come

As I would have guess, you never contacted me again ever since that fake reunion we had
If I ever go back to my country, it wouldn’t be because of you
If I ever see you in the street, please don’t say hello
Just keep on walking and don’t look back like you always had
and don’t pretend to know me 
Just keep walking as if my body is not filled with your blood and features
Just keep walking as if you’re not my biological father

This is the first letter that I’m writing to you, and will also be my last

Just keep in mind that
When you die, I won’t be at your grave,
I won’t shed a single tear for you
Just like how it would have been as if we were strangers
For you were never there for me
For you are not my father,
So let me rephrase the beginning,

Dear Tuan Minh Huynh,

All my life I’ve been searching for my father. My search ends here. I’m glad we’re strangers.


I still can’t believe that the quarter is almost over. That’s mean we will all have to go our seperate ways! Taking this class was such a great experience for me. I’ve learned a lot of things that i wouldn’t be able to learn in regular english classes. This class is so laid back and fun. Everyone in class is so helpful and fun to be around with. To be honest, i really don’t know what to do next …. it’ll be so weird going to english 1b next quarter without you guys! urgh! i miss the class already! i remember the first day of class, everyone kind of had their own clicks because we were all from different classes but now, look at us. we’re one big community. wait, no! more like family! i’ve come to know a lot of great students and instructors who are so helpful and kind hearted. i thought it was really cute how our instructors always bring us carrot! haha, i’m going to miss that too! it’s so depressing just thinking about it :(

Random project of Kyle

I pull an all nighter the other night trying to finish a project that was due. This is what i get for procastating. But always, went to school the next day, thinking that i was going to present my speech, but it turned out that class was cancelled! Sad life! So since i was done with my work, i decided to play around with my imovie and i actually made a video! those that are vietnamese will understands it! for everyone else, sorry! but your welcome to watch it :)



i had such a lovely day today! got home from school and work, then took Kyle out to go swimming! haha, he loves the water but too bad it was kind of cold, so we left early. afterward, we went to go eat pho together! he finished a entire small bowl. such a cute fatty! haha, the day was so simple, yet i had so much fun spending times with this munchkin<3. i should make more mother and son days. can’t wait for summer break! 

So we went to the beach the other day too. It was his first time at the beach and he was really loving it! people thought i was crazy for buying a sunblock with an spf of 100+! hahaa i couldn’t help it! I was an overprotected mother :)


i love this class!

I would have to say that this is by far the best course that i’ve taken at a college. i’ve taken english class at other college like evergreen valley and believe me, it’s boring as hell in comparison to our class. i love how english 1a is combine with ics20or24? anyways same thing. it’s good to have an organization that stands up for asian-american being under represents. It’s also amazing how the class has form into a friendly and supportive environment toward one another. all of my other classes, everyone is very segregated but in this class, we’re one jumbo family!<33

A day of class

Today in class, we were assigned to read “The Dream Jungle” up to page 95. I obviously hasn’t reach that far yet but so far, i find this novel is quite confusing. I notice that the story jumps around a lot. I guess it’s annotating time!

As for class lecture, we learned a new french word: mise en abyme

which mean to place in the abyss or lost. We also learned about hierarchy of authority and how women’s voices are slower and less influential than men. I thought these type of discrimination only existed in the old days or maybe in some tradition asian families but in the court house???? america aren’t so equal aren’t they?

Last but not least, we covered what justapose mean. justapose mean putting different things next to each other.


Quote from m. Butterfly

gallimard: get away from me! Tonight, I’ve finally learned to tell fantasy from reality. And, knowing the difference,I choose fantasy. (67) gallimard knows that butterfly is just a fantasy but he choose to accept song because he wants to keep his fantasy. He still wants to see song as his butterfly

M. Butterfly

M.Butterfly is actually a very good and interesting script! I thought it was very interesting how asian women are wanted by men because they are obedient but will still please you at night. i think that goes for today as well. there are a lot of asian women who clean and cook for their husband. Then at night, the husband gets to fuck the wife as much as they wants. I HATE IT!

Jamaica Osorio

Jamaica Osorio spoken word performance was so inspirational! I didn’t know she is younger than me! She is such a talented women. I was so pleased that our class gets front rows seat! Seriously, i can’t believe how down to earth she really is. Every single piece of her work was so inspiring and powerful. The passion and emotion that she puts in it shows it all when she performed. It was such an honor to see her live. My favorite piece was the 1893! i believe this was one of the first piece that i’ve seen on youtube too. not to mention it was performed at the white house. it was so different watching her live. i mean it was really good already watching it on youtube, but to see it in person was so much more powerful.image